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By Charles Rhodes, P.Eng., Ph.D.

This web page sets out recommended Ontario Energy Ministry priorities.

Priority 1 Restructure retail electricity prices, on a voluntary basis, so that surplus low-cost wholesale market electricity is available to Ontario consumers on an interruptible basis (to comply with electricity trading agreements).

That could be achieved by ensuring:
Electricity system costs that are the same for every consumer are recovered via a fixed monthly fee (mainly the current distribution charge)
All installed capacity costs are recovered via a peak dependable electricity demand charge (mainly the current global adjustment charge and transmission charge)
All incremental energy production costs are recovered via an energy consumption charge (mainly the current wholesale market energy charge)

That change would enable use of surplus non-fossil electricity for affordable displacement of fossil fuels and for affordable electrification of transportation. This change would also enable Ontario to access low-cost surplus clean electricity from adjoining jurisdictions like Quebec, Manitoba & the USA and would facilitate financing of Small Modular Reactors.

Priority 2 Support development and commercialization of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) capable of safely and sustainably providing zero-emission electrical and thermal energy to remote communities, industrial parks and urban centers without risk to the public.

That would require the province and its provincially owned generation company to: Support Ontario based SMR development and licensing programs.
Support development work required for safe deployment of low-pressure SMRs which can be located closer to urban population centers.
Support a federal government program to recycle, instead of burying, existing used CANDU nuclear fuel for use as fuel for SMRs.

That would enable fossil fuel displacement and electrification of transportation without imposing unacceptably high carbon taxes.

Priority 3 Support inter-jurisdictional alignment of district energy (utility supplied electricity, steam, hot water, hydrogen, natural gas) related codes and standards.

That would require alignment of Ontario’s building code for both new buildings and building renovations and district heating standards with best practices.

That would enable more rapid transition away from fossil fuel use in Ontario at a more affordable cost.

This web page last updated December 22, 2019.

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